Zach Zeldner

Zach Zeldner is, in fact, everything you see and then some. An amazingly fit athlete, yes. A top five candidate to become the Chamber of Commerce’s pick as its face of Boulder, yes. A consummate real estate professional…what?

Yes, Zach Zeldner is one of the most productive, knowledgeable real estate professionals in the Boulder community and a partner in the Boulder Luxury Group.

Zach knew immediately that he wanted to become a part of Boulder’s energy and to live among its vast beauty the first time he came to town in 2000. The place and the people offered infinite opportunities to explore and appreciate its physical challenges, its outdoor life, its livability, its family friendliness. And, real estate seemed to him an automatic fit as a way to tap into that energy…it’s challenging, fast paced, competitive, endlessly stimulating just as, up to that point in time for him, his athletic life.

Zach applies all he’s absorbed in his athletic life…his prowess, training, discipline, discipline, focus, stick-to-itiveness…to his chosen profession for the benefit of his clients. He knows the lay of Boulder’s land with its neighborhoods, school systems, running/cycling trails, cultural assts as he knows the proverbial back of his hand.

Zach puts together his “…pulse on the market…” and “…exceptional understanding of it…” with his finely honed negotiating skills. His quiet, calm, powerful disposition enhances those skills and makes him “…the master of the trade…” according to his clients and colleagues.

Zach Zeldner “…gets it done…every time…” whether the ‘it’ is a successful real estate transaction with buyers and sellers alike or a daily 8-mile run on one of Boulder’s spectacular mountain trails. And he gets it done, all of it, with humility, grace and appreciation. Zach Zeldner is, in fact, everything you see and then some.

A native of Connecticut, Zach attended Loomis Chaffee and The University of New Hampshire. He is fluent in Spanish.

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