Buyer Advocates

As buyer advocates, we lead the market by identifying the perfect property,  and then helping our Buyers successfully contract and close on that property. Our Buyers realize and enjoy an advantage; they benefit from our deep market knowledge and our tireless networking. We are often able to provide advanced knowledge of properties that are not in the MLS. In a competitive market where demand for desirable properties is often greater than supply, advanced knowledge and proven negotiating strategies have helped our Buyers succeed time and time again. Once we identify our Buyer’s ideal property, we expertly guide them through the lending and due diligence process. As part of this process, we help inform and educate our clients, and get all of their questions answered so they can move forward with confidence.

When working with Buyers, we:

  • Identify properties that meet our Buyer’s needs by actively listening to our clients wishes, and often searching outside of the MLS for properties that may be a great fit.
  • Provide our Buyers with information, education and guidance to make sound investments that meet and exceed their goals
  • Negotiate on behalf of our Buyers, with proven strategies that lead to success, often in competitive situations
  • Work with local Lenders who offer exceptional service, accelerated timing and proven reliability, in order to close without delays
  • Once under contract, we provide proactive and detailed communication throughout each stage of the process
  • Guide our Buyers through the due diligence process with inspectors and specialists who help inform, educate and answer all of their questions.

Our Recent Sales Representing The Buyer