Developed in the 1920s as a township of Boulder, the allure of this vibrant neighborhood is the tree-line streets alive with families, riding their bikes to North Boulder Park, Foothill Elementary School or the nearby Ideal Market neighborhood, home to Whole Foods, Pharmaca, various restaurants, shops, wine, coffee and ice cream. Located on the West side of Boulder, just North of Downtown, Newlands has always been a desirable neighborhood in Boulder with mixed architecture – 1920s – 40s style cottages, some original, some updated, alongside some of the most impressive and expensive homes in Boulder. Most properties back up to alleys that provide garage access and a buffer between properties. A few properties on the western border of Newlands abut open space, but all are within easy walking distance of Sanitas and other hiking trails. The north end of Newlands was once farmland and while only a few farms still remain, this area still maintains its rural character with large, private lots, set amongst 100 year old apple orchards.

No other agents sell more properties in Newlands or more single family homes over $1m in the City of Boulder than Leyla Steele and Zach Zeldner.

You may receive materials from other Realtors reporting on sales in Newlands. The homes below are properties that we personally sold. We are not claiming sales from any other Realtors. And please note, several of these properties sold before they were listed in the MLS. Most of the others contracted within days of coming on the market. It is a brisk market in Boulder right now, requiring the strong advocacy for clients and unparalleled finger on the pulse that we offer.

Our Past Sales in Newlands Representing Buyers and Sellers