Mark Steele

Mark Steele designs and produces all of our print communications and marketing efforts with a level of customization, accuracy and accessibility that is unparalleled in the Boulder real estate market.  Considered by many to be a combination of  “…the most creative person I know…” and “…one of the most talented, results oriented Web Masters and Art Directors around,” Steele brings his unmatched eye and technical skills to the Boulder Luxury Group.

Steele’s fingerprints appear on all Boulder Luxury Group marketing materials from its web site, property listings, blogs, articles, photography to product placement as he creates, designs and produces it all.  He brings “new eyes” to every property thus rendering each one as out-standing in the true sense of that word.

Prior to working with the Boulder Luxury Group, Steele founded New Moon Multimedia, a freelance design company specializing in interactive digital technology. With some +20 years of digital and print media under his belt, he tapped into his intuitive understanding  and technical expertise to effectively communicate unique, committed, elegant messages for profit and nonprofit entities alike. One client, a 50 year old investment management firm in Chicago, rearranged its project schedule to accommodate Steele’s availability in order to “get” his excellence.  Another, an international network dedicated to empowering over 2 million people in 27 countries with safe, clean drinking water, grew from an idea to a reality with the assistance of Steele’s  visionary, highly detailed marketing and implementation strategy.

Mark Steele provides the visual realization of the Boulder Luxury Group adage that you only get to make a good first impression once.  Steele’s ingenious artistic and technical expertise escalates that good first impression into a great one.

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