Carolyn Heights

Amazingly, Carolyn Heights is still a bit of a secret, even to many Boulder locals. Located just north of downtown Boulder, Carolyn Heights is the only remaining neighborhood within the City of Boulder that features 1 acre lots that cannot be subdivided. As a result, many of the beautiful homes in Carolyn Heights offer the feel of an estate within the City, and allow residents to build larger homes, outbuildings and pools, due to larger lot sizes. We have long been advocates of this unique neighborhood, and, as our sales will attest, we routinely break pricing records, placing this coveted neighborhood on the radar screen of luxury Buyers.

In 2011, during the downturn in the market, we sold the two most expensive homes in North Boulder, both in Carolyn Heights, and both over $2m. In the 2014, we sold five properties in the Carolyn Heights area, four of which were over $1m and one for $3.4m. There are two properties, 2260 Linden and 3639 21st that we sold twice in the space of 2 years. In 2015 we sold two properties in Carolyn Heights representing the Buyers. Both Buyers were looking for a special property and we felt that a new construction in Carolyn Heights was perfect.

Our remarkable success in the luxury market translates into a level of advocacy and guidance for our clients that is unparalleled. The energy we invest in marketing each of our listings results in our receiving the full attention of ready Buyers, often culminating in record breaking sales with a minimum of stress and showings for our Seller.

Our Past Sales in Carolyn Heights