What is luxury?

Traditionally, luxury property in Boulder is defined as $1,000,000 or more.

We have been recognized for our work in this market because we have sold more $1m+ property in the City of Boulder than any other broker.
These sales include some of the most distinctive properties in Boulder, priced over $2,500,000.

However, luxury is more than market value. For us and our clients, luxury is better associated with a sense of quality…. quality of design and craftsmanship, quality of land and surrounding area… in essence, quality of life. For some, luxury is having an extra bathroom or a big backyard, for others luxury is an architectural masterpiece on a large in-town lot with breathtaking views. Our clients have diverse needs, budgets and architectural preferences and our job is to discern what it is about a property that represents luxury.

To get a better idea of what luxury means to us and to our clients, please consider some examples that go beyond the typical understanding:

– An older home on a 1 acre parcel in Carolyn Heights or in the County …  2260 Linden | 4881 Valkyrie | 4913 Valkyrie | 2639 Willow Creek

– An above average 1960’s brick ranch home or tri-level home in Boulder … 3100 Fremont | 510 Hawthorn | 55 20th | 1840 Del Rosa | Drexel | Ithaca | Ithica

– A smaller, historic cottage close to downtown in the heart of Whittier … 2061 Bluff | 2579 Mapleton | 2065 Alpine

Some clients consider luxury to be a newly-built custom home in Newlands … 3060 8th | 3021 5th | 510 Hawthorn | 803 Evergreen | 300 Evergreen | 423 Juniper | 3135 4th

or Chautauqua … 1590 Cascade | 437 18th St

or Carolyn Heights … 3639 21st | 2400 Linden | 2070 Neher

while others prefer to tastefully remodel an existing home with a small footprint2065 Alpine | 2119 Mapleton

For some, luxury means modern or contemporary …  2070 Neher | 300 Evergreen | 2505 23rd | 1440 Alpine | 1000 Orange Place | 2065 Alpine | 4796 6th

while for others, luxury is traditional and timeless … 510 Hawthorne | 335 Grape | 2400 Linden | 3060 8th | 3021 5th | 3131 10th | 803 Evergreen

Land, privacy and views figure prominently into any discussion of luxury.  For many of our clients, the acreage and setting are more important than the home itself … 2260 Linden | 4700 Eldorado | 2110 Norwood | 2020 Hermosa | 2010 Alpine | 75 Bellevue

And last, but certainly not least, energy efficiency and green systems are an important and growing feature in the Boulder luxury market. Many of the luxury homes we represent are built with geothermal heating and cooling, passive solar, photovoltaic solar, or other green features. We pride ourselves on being leaders in successfully marketing these green features, educating buyers and sellers so they can appreciate that “building green” has both measurable and immeasurable value, not only for the environment, but also for one’s quality of life, which is in essence, the definition of luxury for us and our clients … 2070 Neher | 3639 21st | 1440 Alpine | 1670 Orchard

Whether your idea of luxury property is $500,000 or $5m, we’d be honored to speak with you about your real estate needs and the services we provide.  In either case, please know that you can rely on our unparalleled service and our deep market knowledge to deliver a luxury experience.