Seller Advocates

As successful listing agents representing luxury property in Boulder, there are numerous qualities that set us apart from our competition.  First, because we also work actively with luxury buyers, we understand real time market trends and we know what buyers are looking for at any given time, including the specific style, layout, and attributes in a home that luxury Buyers demand. This knowledge allows us to counsel and advise our Sellers regarding timing and marketing strategy, and results in meeting our seller’s goals AND yielding top dollar. When we bring a property to the market, with our proven team of successful real estate service providers, including luxury property staging services and photographers, our properties rise above the competition. Our marketing materials, customized for each property by our in-house creative director, beautifully convey the unique attributes of each luxury property that we represent.

With a proven record of building interest, marketing properties, and successfully selling Luxury Property in Boulder, we are proud to offer our unique services to our clients. At a time when other luxury properties languish on the market, ours sales consistently break records and set the standard for the luxury Boulder market.

In working with Sellers, we:

  • Provide intimate market knowledge to create a pricing and marketing strategy that is specific to each individual property, and specific to the goals and timing of our Sellers.
  • Create professional property marketing materials that stand apart from the competition, including an expertly designed brochure and custom website with stunning photos and engaging copy
  • Build energy and demand for a newly listed property, by communicating with a well developed network of Buyers and Agents, in order to garner interest and attention before the property hits the MLS.
  • Employ state of the art technology and internet marketing strategies in order to attract qualified buyers.
  • Negotiate on behalf of our Sellers, expertly leveraging interest to successfully yield top dollar.
  • Once under contract, we provide detailed communication throughout each step of the process.
  • Anticipate and navigate the due diligence process by proactively communicating with the Buyer’s Agent and Lender in an effort to close on schedule without delays.

Our Recent Sales Representing the Seller

840 Grape

327 Pratt

3949 Petersburg

2044 Walnut B

820 Pearl St.

860 6th St.

1401 Quince